Happening this September 2023. Registration is open.

Laro, Lingap, Laya: Workshops to Rewild the TheatRE

A choose-your-own adventure workshop festival for performing artists, advocates, and educators who seek to sharpen their artistic tools for a more inclusive, playful, and collaborative arts practice.

A Message to our Champions

The world of performing arts has not been the same since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many issues were revealed to be more urgent than expected; some revered names and traditions have become corrupted. Our tolerance for harm has profoundly changed. Why should artists not change along with it?

It will take more than gainful ticket sales to heal our broken landscape. We need artists and creatives to forge a more playful, regenerative, and participatory path forward.

Will you join our band of champions on this exciting mission?

WHAT: Four (4) workshops over four (4) weeks

WHEN: Saturdays between August 26 – September 16, 2023 (August 26, September 2, September 9, & September 16)

WHERE: Onsite (Eduardo Aboitiz Sandbox Zone, Areté Ateneo, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City) & online (Zoom)

This is a pay what you think it’s worth workshop festival. Per workshop, you will have the option to pay what you felt your overall experience was worth. Our suggested amount is Php800 per workshop. You are not required to pay this amount to be eligible to participate in each workshop.

Additional details available in the FAQ below.


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“Pay what you think it’s worth” is a variation on the “pay what you can” or “blank ticket” payment structure. While we suggest an amount of Php800 per workshop, you can pay either a higher or lower amount based on what your experience was like – and what is within your means, of course!

You have the option to pay before the day of the workshop (see “Where do I pay” FAQ below) or on the day itself. You are not required to pay this amount to be eligible to participate in each workshop.

We at Jungle Gym chose to implement this payment structure because we want more folks to have access to these workshops, without any financial pressure or limitation! We’re also working on a free, online toolkit version of the festival so that more people can access the research, activities, and insights from each workshop experience.

For this festival, you can choose whichever workshop/s call to you! You have the choice to attend all, two, or just one of the workshops – this is where the “choose your own adventure” concept comes in.

Please click here or visit bit.ly/LLLFest-Pay to pay your chosen amount via bank transfer or mobile wallet. You may also pay for your experience on the day of each workshop.

Aside from enjoying the overall experience of the workshop festival, you will also gain access to the materials and research that go into each workshop experience. You will be invited to the official Jungle Gym community channels and directories (via Discord or otherwise) that function as online support and networking groups for participants. All in-person participants will also be given free snacks and refreshments onsite.

LLL Registration
Choose your own adventure! Which workshop calls to you?
ex. No Shellfish or Peanuts, Lactose Intolerance
ex. Actor, Choreographer, Director, Musician
There will be an Orientation Session on August 26, 2023 (Saturday), 1-4:30PM at the Eduardo Aboitiz Sandbox Zone, Areté Ateneo. All participants are required to attend. Online attendance via Zoom is available; further details will be sent via email.
Are you paying prior to your chosen workshop day/s, or on the day/s of the workshop/s themselves? (see “Pay what you think it’s worth” in the FAQ section)
How did you hear about the festival?